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IMPORTANT!! Please fill form on right hand of this page after check out for easier processing and undelayed order delivery. We provide REAL HUMAN High Quality Twitter Followers at CHEAP Wholesale prices without Password

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for less than $0.01 per follower we are offering to deliver 50,000 Twitter Followers onto your Twitter Account at very affordable buy price without your password. Your order will commence in 12 hours and will be completed in 48-52 hours. We will not need your password to deliver high quality twitter followers to your handle but please remember to take off profile privacy of your account so as to allow easy delivery of your expected service. Please provide us your twitter username and current number of Followers on your twitter account at check-out note provided by paypal. To place an order for this package, please click on the little yellow button just below: Our Followers will not drop.

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500+ Real Active Human Twitter Followers

Get 700+ real active human followers delivered to your account specified in 24-36 hours. We will never require password or personal details. All we do require is your Twitter username and sit back watching your account grow in 24-36 hours.

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We are offering 5,000 Twitter Followers to boost your Twitter presence as a promotional offer valid until the 20th January 2018. All we’ll need is your username submitted at check-out instructions or on the order form on the left hand side of your computer screen and we’ll do the rest. We always will take our Client’s satisfaction as our primary goal and will deliver to your specified account high quality, high retention rate twitter followers which will not un-follow after a while. We do not need your password to get your new followers delivered so be sure your privacy is always secure with ourselves, all we’ll need is your username on the check-out instruction box provided by paypal and we’ll do the rest in 24 hours. We are wholesalers of Social Media Services on several other platforms to resellers, We have bought you the exact prices we offer the esellers to yourselves. This is a limited promotional offer.

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Buy 500 Facebook Likes

For $25 only, we will deliver 500 real active Facebook Fans/Likes/Followers in 48 hours to your facebook fanpage specified. All we need is your facebook page id at check-out and current number of fans on account. We’ll do the rest. Our Facebook fans are real and not bots

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-High quality Twitter Followers with high retention rates -We deliver upto 100k followers in 24 hours -We are wholesalers and are bringing you the wholesale prices we sell to your online resellers. – Your Twitter Password is un-needed just your username at check out and we’ll do the rest. -This website promotional offer is valid only until 20TH January 2018. Place order now below by clicking on the yellow paypal button

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Sales….. Buy 1000 Linkedin Connections

For a limited time only we shall work to deliver to your linkedin page 1000 active real Linkedin connections looking to connect with professionals online. These are real entrepreneurs from all works of life. We deliver your new connection within 24 hours for only $25

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1000 Real Instagram Followers

We provide real active interactive Instagram Followers, Our followers are sticking on your profile and will interact with your profile and posts. We are delivering your 1000 Instagram followers in 24 hours after check-out without password needed. All we need is your instagram username and we’ll do the rest.

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500 Real Instagram Followers

On 500RealFollowers.com we provide real active interactive instagram followers in 24 hours without needing your password. All we need to deliver your 500 real Instagram followers is your instagram username. We do the rest from there.

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OUR LIMITED PROMOTIONAL OFFER(closes on 20th January 2018 ): BUY 100,000 TWITTER FOLLOWERS FOR $189.99!!

Organisations and persons with huge Twitter Followers are seen as Authorities in their chosen field. For a ridiculous buy price of $200.00 we are offering to deliver 100,000 NO EGGS unike resellers of Twitter followers to YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT WITHOUT NEEDING YOUR PASSWORD. We will deliver to your account specified 100,000 HIGH QUALITY no un-following 100k Twitter Followers with bonus which stick and will not unfollow after a while… We do not deliver eggs. Our Followers for this special offer are from diverse IPS globally. We do not need Twitter password to deliver twitter followers to the account of your choice. All we need is your Twitter username with the current number of followers on your twitter account via the contact form provided on the left-side of this webpage after check-out, then sit back as we do the rest in 48-72 hours. We are wholesalers and can provide up-to 3 Million Twitter Followers to any single account overtime!!; Place your order via the yellow button below:.

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Please state your Twitter Username and present number of followers on account/s at paypal check-out note OR return to this page and using the form to your right on this website, please fill out required details OR email us with your Paypal transaction name, Twitter username AND present number of twitter followers to depfun86@yahoo.com This is always very important for easy processing of your order/s. Thank you for your co-operation on this issue.

1500 Real Active Twitter Followers

Get 1,500 real human Interactive twitter followers delivered to your account specified in 24- 48 hours after check-out.. Your password or personal details are un-needed so be sure your privacy is well secured with ourselves. All we need is the username requiring twitter followers delivery and we’ll do the rest. We take our Client’s satisfaction as priority so please feel free to shoot us a mail always for any further inquiry DEPFUN86@YAHOO.COM Place order just below via the paypal button:

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Buy 25,000 High Quality Twitter Followers for $79.99

-High Quality Twitter Followers -Password uneeded to deliver your bulk Twitter Followers when you buy from us. – Long time very experience marketers and social media promoters, experts working on your account to get your bulk delivery delivered as soon as promised. -Affordable Buy price, we sell at this same prices to your everyday online retailers -Delivery in 48-72 hours except otherwise stated by buyer. Click on the yellow button below to place your 25,000 Twitter Followers Package. NB: Remember to send us your twitter username at check out or via contact form on the website.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: How to place a complete order with ourselves

. Please make sure the 3 stated guidelines below are followed for straight-forward and timely quick delivery of your placed orders.

Our active human interactive Twitter Followers package categories are an exclusive category which provides to your account active interactive REAL HUMAN Twitter followers from around the globe looking to make friends interact just like you and I. This Followers are NO BOTS. We remphasise you will not like other Sellers of Twitter Followers receive bots from ourselves!  Your new friends from around the globe tweet, reply to your tweets if they find it of interest. We DO NOT use software or script to promote or increase your active interacive human followers. They are real interactive humans. No other website or Social Media Service Experts we know of thus far, can guarantee these qualities and quantity at the affordable price we do offer.

Guideline 1- Please Click on PayPal “Buy Now” button displayed directly under the package of interest. This automatically will re-direct your browser to check out page


Guideline 2A- BUYERS WITHOUT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT : If you do not have a PayPal account please remember a check-out with your credit/debit card option is made available by PayPal when you click the check-out button ,without necessity of registration; all you need is to input required billing details on provided purchase form after clicking the paypal check-out button.


Guideline 2B-BUYERS WITH REGISTERED PAYPAL ACCOUNT:  If you have a PayPal account please do login to your PayPal to complete order purchase by clicking the pay now button.

Guideline 3- Please provide to us always Twitter username/Twitter URL with present number of followers on TWitter account/s requiring followers, via PayPal CHECK-OUT NOTE OR THE CONTACT FORM TO YOUR RIGHT …….You can also drop us a short message stating clearly your Paypal payment id, twitter username and present follower count on profile needing followers to depfun86@yahoo.com.


We will never require your Twitter account password to deliver within time specified duration. However, please remember to unlock your Twitter profile for delivery of our Service.


We are paypal Verified Business Merchants so be much assured you are dealing with the right trusted Sellers of Social Media Services.


Our priority is  to keep you satisfied and your END GOAL reached.


Remember to bookmark our website as we know you will love using our Service/s again also be kind to tell your friends about us.


We offer real active human followers  who tweet, read your tweet,  this are genuinely real human followers and for the price, this is indeed a bargain. Unlike acclaimed Sellers of same service who charge fortune for self-created bot followers We do not deliver dormant, inactive or bot accounts/followers as other Sellers.   Our followers delivered to your account/s we re-emphasise are real genuine human followers unlike 99% of Sellers of this same service who offer bot followers  installed which has booted off their methods, we can gurantee your followers will be real, active human followers.  We deliver more than your specified  purchased packages of followers, approximately  about 700 followers per 500 follower pack; so be sure any unfollowing after our delivery is more than covered by the bonus delivered followers.



However we do not need your password or account details to deliver this quality of followers as many others who claim to deliver same quality might require, we do only need your password still. We will run a promotion within a specified short duration to get real followers who could become potential customers to follow your specified account  increasing your followers without any necessity of you needing to follow back any of them.


All we need to deliver is your twitter username and we’ll do the rest. We deliver upto 25,000 Twitter Followers every  24 hours. and can deliver to infinity real human followers to any account without any harm to your Twitter account.


  • No password or personal details is required just your username, so be sure your privacy with us is secure.
  •  Your newly delivered followers won’t un-follow your account after a while or drop off unlike many sellers of Twitter Followers services.
  •   Our Safe delivery promotional method  ensures and guarantees Your Twitter account will not be banned or flagged for/by any means by twitter.
  •  Purchasing followers with us means you can have a huge Twitter Followers account without needing to follow them back.
  • Most affordable wholesale Services price with high quality Twitter followers,
  • Delivery in 24 Hours after completing check-out and submitting Twitter URL/username, unless specified otherwise by Buyer!!

5000 Real Active Interactive Human Followers $65.86

We will deliver 5000 Real active human followers to your account specified to boost your online prominence for the price of 500 follower pack x 4 when you Buy this promotional package. We deliver in 24-48 hours at the most affordable price for quality provided online.

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50,000 Real Interactive Twitter Followers

– No bots -No Password neededThis high quality of followers is provided -Just Twitter Username on check-out note and we’ll do the rest -We will endeavor to tailor to contents available on specified Twitter Profile. -We commence delivery of your ordered package in 24 hours As this is a bulk order we ask for about 5-6 days to complete your delivery however your account will continually consistently growing within 24 hours until the 50,000 Twitter Followers is reached and delivered. For less than $300 real human active twitter followers will be delivered to your account specified this is absolutely incomparable with bot providers of Twitter Followers out-there considering the quality we commit ourselves providing to our Clients and the pricing which we have made very affordable even far above the bot twitter follower sellers!!

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10,000 Real Interactive Twitter Followers

Get real interactive audience 10,000 foollowers. As part of our promotional Service offers, you can get 10,000 Twitter Followers delivered to your account specified in 48-72 hours for less than $70…. Your password is never needed. Please be very kind to pass on your Twitter username via paypal check-out note to ourselves, and we shall do the rest. This is the same price those who sell fake bots followers offer their unhelpful quality of service for. We will give you our best and we’ll try to tailor your delivered followers to service/s viewable via your twitter specified page/s. You can split order with upto 3 accounts only on this package.depfun86@yahoo.com

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Buy 100,000 Interactive Real Twitter Followers

We wil deliver 100,000 real interactive Twitter followers who retweet tweets like you and myself and favorite tweets they find of interest. We will tailor to your specified account/s your delivered followers. For $499.00 You could have soon on your account real interactive twitter followers which you could confirm through rapid increasing interaction on twitter page. As far as we are concerned we are the cheapest providers of this service online as we keep working to build a reputation for ourselves overtime. Place order now.

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Buy Active Twitter Followers



Purchasing Active  Twitter Followers is one of major uncomfortable to talk about secret for successful; Social Media Marketing. Ensuring you are not accumulating bot non-responsive twitter Followers having no display pictures on profile only plays to your sales advantage at the long run.

There are no real value added when you accumulate static  bulk twitter followers; you are better off with 500 real followers than a million of those fakers! it adds no real marketing value to your online long-term Marketing pursuits. Bot followers never tweets or retwee tniether favourite your posted tweets, DMing is definitely not a good idea when having stack of those static followers. All marketers should aspire accumulating loads of real human active twitter Followers. These quality of followers injects life daily to your online presence.

Unfortunatley there only but handful of genuine sellers of real active twitter followers.

Some quick identifies of active real twitter follower account are:



  1. Your Tweets receives frequent retweets and favourites
  2. Your followers are regarded active if there are reasonable number of existing tweets and pretty recent tweets on their account.
  3. Followers are probably active twitter followers when their profile accounts are properly set up with pictures and detailed bio information.
  4. Followers are possibly actu=ive on an account when there are no signs of auto-tweet softwares attached to the said account.
  5. Followers grow consistenly and organically on the said account.

One method of determining undoubtedly if a specified account is real or fake is by visiting fakers.com. Fakers software is absolutely free.








Why you should rather buy 500 twitter followers

There are no benefits accumulating thousands of twitter followers who never communicate with your twitter activities. A seller online is conversant with what i mean. When you have huge number of follower count  500 or more, yet zero retweet and no favourite it’s frustrating atimes.


A seller, affiliate marketer, even celebretee, need real active communicative twitter followers! This real followers add value to your online marketing!


It is definitely valuable to buy 500 real active, interactive  human twitter followers in contrast to 10000 twitter followers with indifference. (Bot followers).

This real followers increase incredibly your online credibility




Buy 500 Twitter Followers

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February 8, 2018: The 21st century brings many developments into our life but one of the most important features of this century is the rapid developing technological world where people benefit from cyberspace capabilities and make maximum use of it. Social networking websites are becoming very popular these days. If you are running any business and are interested in expanding your target audience to boost your sales, you are going to need to make sure that you get more followers now.


Twitter has seen a large increase in popularity, and the more followers you have, the more you are looked up to and seen as a specialist. But that is not an easy job particularly when you don’t have much to talk about. The only way available is to buy Twitter followers. 500realfollowers.com is a reputable website where you will be able to buy Twitter followers no Bots, depending on your needs, goals and budget.


You can buy 50,000 Twitter followers or buy 5000 Twitter followers or buy 500 Twitter followers onto your Twitter Account at very affordable price without your password. The best thing about this website is that you are going to be getting actual followers – real people and not generate bots, so all of the audience is going to be legit 100%.


500realfollowers.com is always committed to provide the most dependable service which can assist their valued clients to obtain high quality, permanent and real followers on Twitter. It is a renowned name that allows businesses to gain credibility and build their online reputation in an affordable way.


About the Website:

500realfollowers.com is a reliable website that offers unparalleled services when it comes to buy Twitter followers at affordable price. To gain more information visit https://500realfollowers.com/


Contact Details:

Website: https://500realfollowers.com/




Summary: 500realfollowers.com is a reputable website where you will be able to buy Twitter followers no Bots, depending on your needs, goals and budget.


Buy 500 Twitter Followers

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Buy Twitter Followers No Bots

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  1. Take tie registering your new account

Registering a new twitter account should never be a hurry matter. Take time out for research on popular twitter users relevant to your niche and profession or area/location who are addicted to following back. A quick googling of terms like @Musicians who follow back” reveals loads..  However following them should never become your first step, Copy down in a word document or sticky note their twitter usernames. They are to be added on a later date unto your twitter profile account after accumulating enough credible number of followers. This will ensure your following their account will not be usuriously regarded as being fake. After following them, send out a tweet asking for a follow back.

Simple tweets like “Please follow back” or Hello I’m Philip, one of your many fans I’ll be privileged if you follow back”. E.t.c.





Your profile picture is also a major statement when attracting or distracting the right persons connecting to you. You want to make sure your pictures are sharp quality not depicting  a wanna-be java phone user.

Also be cautious of what your wares as it must depict your field’s professionalism.

It is pretty easier today to get your pictures enhanced online with soft wares or by a professional for few quid/dollars. Never leave blank your display picture. No one takes a no face seriously  on twitter.






The feeds received on twitter are tailored to your chosen country of destination. I ll advise you choose a country relevant to your desired professional destiny not necessarily your physical destination/place of residence. Choose a country for feed, where your kind of business activities thrive the most. You learn better from such feeds… It becomes also easier to connect to professionals in your field from that part of the world.





The next step involves adding new followers. There are few platforms for getting twitter followers for free added to your twitter account. One favourite platform of mine is twiends.. It is free absolutely. There are also pretty many more platforms for adding twitter followers and friends all you have to do is to search on google with appropriately accurate terms. E.g. “websites like twiends for adding of twitter followers”.




Tweet content related to your chosen niche and website should not get you indulging  in robotic or boring cliché! It is important  to clone your URL, it helps survive against a twitter blacklisting and permits an affiliate URL to get posted on twitter.


Never target exhausting all permitted tweet characters, take off unnecessary words by summarising your message. Make sure your tweet communicates emotionally yet sincerely with your readers!


There is a secret of timing your tweets so they convert to website visitors. You will have to carry out personal research when your followers are mostly online. Post your tweets when they get most readers…


Sometimes you can also send your messages mentioning your followers with huge follower counts. This will give chance to their followers reading your tweets, giving your account more exposure, audiences, new followers and sometimes new sales.





It is impossible to always be 24/7 available online but setting up a welcome tweet to encourage your new followers by acknowledging and appreciating their new follow! One exciting potent tool for DMS IS VICConsult. I use this personally and cost just a $3.99 monthly subscription. You can also schedule bulk tweets through this automation service.




There are usually hundreds of tweets bombarding our individual feeds on twitter, It;s hard to keep an  eye on reading all through the tweets daily. Attaching pictures to your tweet messages ensure your tweet is chanced above average to get read by your followers. Pictures are displayed large enough on tweets to captivate attention on numerous feeds of tweets appearing per minute.





Purchasing twitter followers is one fast method of growing your followers besides following via twitter for some expensive charge! Usually you are not respected above your social media audience numerical strength most a times by  prospective followers and Clients. It is pretty necessary to seriously consider your twitter follower count are kept on the viral increase ensuring your new followers always find you worthy of been following.